4th International Salon Singidunum 2018
popular prices

over 200 awards

We provide the patronages of PSA, GPU, IAAP and lot of awards. The organizer will provide popular prices and lot of attractive themes, with a possibility of topics combination that fit your own preferences.


  1. Street (color/monochrome) PID color class
  2. Portrait (color/monochrome) PID color class
  3. Macro (color/monochrome) PID color class
  4. Creative (color/monochrome) PID color class
  5. Open Color PID color class
  6. Open Monochrome PID monochrome class
  7. Nature (color/monochrome) ND color class
  8. Birds (color/monochrome) ND color class
  9. Flowers (color/monochrome) ND color class
  10. Travel (color/monochrome) PTD color class
  11. Photojournalism (color/monochrome) PJD color class
  12. Sport (color/monochrome) PJD color class


Application Form and Upload

Last day for upload is 30 January
Thank you for the confidence!
Ljiljana Vrzić, The Chairman of Serbia PHOTO